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Our Bee Suits mission is to supply the best protective beekeeping clothing available on the market!

If you’re not wearing top quality, 100% denim bee suits, bee jackets or bee veils then you are putting yourself at risk of being stung again and again! There is no need to get stung every time you visit your apiary! You can be seriously injured if you are stung too many times.

Short Bee videos are now available on the bee suits site! Check them out on our bee video collection page or spread out through the bee site!

We've designed our bee suits and bee jackets over time with great understanding of beekeeping work, beekeeper's insights and feedback as well as the focus areas of attacking bees.

Our bee suits are tried & tested by commercial beekeepers as well as bee removal services personnel. We export across the world and can post your beekeeping protective clothing directly to you wherever you are! We supply to USA, EUROPE, AFRICA and MIDDLE EAST at the moment.

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We work hard to bring you the best quality full bee suits with detachable veils: All our bee suits are complete with ankle and wrist elastic bands, ankle zips and numerous pockets.


Services 2

If you have budget constraints or prefer using a bee jacket, our top quality 100% denim bee jackets with detachable veil are available! They offer medium proection.


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Please remember that your protection should be your highest concern when working with bees. The lowest protection is offered by the bee veil with ropes.


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If you really want to achieve safe beekeeping find out your bee protection options! Bee suits | Bee jackets | Bee veils

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Easy beekeeping comes with great protective clothing!

We are committed to providing top quality bee supplies to beekeepers all over the world.

Learn how to make money from keeping bees! Practical Beekeeping is a step-by-step starter guide.

We've been in beekeeping for over 5 years and we still use our original set of bee suits we made back then today! We recently held our 8th "Easy Buzzing Bee Course" this weekend and half of the learners rented bee suits for the day's training. They happen to use our old faithful full overall bee suits with detachable veil for the 60-min practical session at a LIVE demo at the bee hive!

We sell all types of beekeeping protective clothing, our top of the range bee protective wear is a full overall which is 100% denim material and boasts ankle zips as well as wrist and ankle bands, 3 pockets and the detachable veil for easy washing. The detachable bee veil also enables you to open up and flip back to enjoy a smoke break or drinks break between bee hive work.

The worst thing to happen when you start beekeeping is to get stung. Some people don't even know that they are allergic only to find out once they have a bee sting them! If you are a serious beekeeper, whether you are a backyard beekeeper or a full on bee farmer with a commercial honey production - you need professional beekeeping clothing!

My advice is to always purchase the best quality with maximum protection when you start beekeeping no matter what you want to do as a beekeeper! If budget is something you have to content with it is an issue! But remember, when it comes to your safety as a beekeeper, maximum protection should be a priority! Don't you agree?

What are your options? When you start beekeeping, your number one concern should be safety! Your Safety! Your number one focus should be on bee hives! Once you have the protective clothing for beekeeping covered remember to focus almost all other funds on buying bee hives or boxes.

So, save up for your bee suit or bee jacket first. Then focus on getting bee hives to grow your apiary. Don't go buying extractors, refractometers nor any other unnecessary equipment. Our Practical Beekeeping Starter Guide provides you with a comprehensive bee tool list as well as step-by-step "how to" instructions on starting beekeeping. It especially mentions the do's and donts of beekeeping equipment purchasing when you starting out.

But one thing you have to do is Get Bee Suit protection!